Saturday, September 29, 2012

Me and my friends doing our project at my home.

2 days before our vacations we were told to make 3 groups to do a project. Each group had to do 1 lesson. There were 3 captains each leading a group. I was one of the group's captain because I was 2nd position holder in the class. My group was supposed to do the project on utilization of waste and rubbish.
I fixed a day & place (my house) with my group mates. One of them didn't come. Hannah 1 of my classmates arrived before the fixed time & Selina took a little long. Then we started the project. My mother helped & gave us ideas in the project. Hannah's mother also came to guide us in the project. We also had chocolate and ice cream after we got finished with our work. Hanna and Selina brought their little cousin who was a 3 years old we talked to her and enjoyed her company she was a Canadian and spoke English in a different way. 

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