Monday, November 5, 2012

Biblical Quotes, Sayings and Hymns.

105 Sweet to know the gospel story,

Heavenly song unto my soul;

I will sing his praises forever

For his love has made me whole.

Life's short day will soon be over;

Then we will see the one we love-

Fellowship divine forever

In the Father's home above.

2 When dark your path o'ershadow,

Look again to calvary;

God's own son so gladly suffered,

Bled and died died for you and me.

3 Could we chance to do tomorrow
What the Lord has planned today?
For we cannot buy nor borrow
When this life has sped away.

4 On that day the books will open;
Then we'll know as we are known.
Thought on earth we walk together, 
We must face the Lord alone.

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