Tuesday, March 12, 2013

UNHCR, United nations high commission for the destruction of Refugees

Life of a refugee child with UNHCR Colombo.

I am an 11 year old girl from Pakistan. We fled to Colombo because terrorists wanted to kill us because my sister was writing a book on terrorism. We got registered with UNHCR.

I started going to school and finished grade 5.  My sister wrote on her website about UNHCR staff who were very bad with us, after that they became worse. They don’t attend our calls and they don’t answer our emails. My sister told them that if they send us back my sister will be hanged to death for writing against Pakistan army and for other number of reasons but they never helped.

We went to many Human Rights organizations to help us but they said we only help internally displaced people.

 I wonder where are the Human Rights Organizations, who help people who are, both internally and externally displaced.

UNHCR who is not protecting us

We had so many problems. We were receiving wrong calls and people followed us. We were so scared that I stopped going to school but UNHCR did not help us.
On 9th March 2013 immigration officers came to our home.

We gave them photocopies of our passports and permission letter of Unhcr from the slit of the door and showed them all the originals from the window. They said we do not know UNHCR who is UNHCR to allow you to live in Srilanka, call them.

They were shouting, banging and kicking the door, though we are refugees with UNHCR yet they wanted to deport us. They told us again and again that they will break the door.

When we were being harassed by the officers, We called and sent messages to the UNHCR staff. No one helped.

We were so scared that we took our money and documents, left everything else and jumped from our 2nd floor balcony to our neighbor’s balcony. It was so dangerous we could have fallen to death.

The neighbor’s house had lots of dogs. Usually We were very scared of those wild looking dogs, but that day we just forgot about them.
When we came down in to their house, 
the dogs were the 1st ones to take note of us but surprisingly we found them better than cruel human beings.

The dogs did not attack us they were waging their tails. It was like when Prophet Daniel was put in to the den of lions he remained unharmed. True God helped us.

There was an old poor looking man in the house when he saw that we were in a very bad condition. Without asking a word he rushed to open the door which was locked from inside.
After leaving that area we again contacted the duty manager of UNHCR told him everything but later he stopped attending our calls. I don’t know why UNHCR hate us so much.
We were so scared that we went to the bus stop and got into a bus which brought us to Kandy. From Kandy every day we are making calls to UNHCR to help us go back to our home in Colombo but so far no one but only the operator spoke to us. Whenever we call the operator tells us that there is no staff available.
I wish there was another good UNHCR here in Colombo who could feel our pain and know that they should help us.
Whoever reads this please tell UNHCR Colombo to be good with us or the enemies of my blogger sister will kidnap and kill us.
We are in the detention center, Why?
UNHCR told us go home nothing will happen. We went home & were arrested by the taxi drivers who were told by the immigration officers. They touched my sister very badly and were laughing.
We were brought to the detention center. We spent almost a month in the detention center. My sister kept asking Immigration officers and UNHCR why we are here. …. got no answer.
My sister called USA embassy to help, they plainly told her NO...
My sister was very scared with this situation she had a minor heart attack. I was with her in the hospital. Our Mom was not allowed in the hospital. We were guarded by the police man and women. My sister kept crying all the time. A doctor told her that Immigration has told the hospital that you are a spy and we should take you out from the hospital.
We came back to the detention center. My sister kept calling UNHCR no answer.
We were told secretly by some officers that my sister is being involved in cases. Some one told her that we must flee from the detention center.
On the 9th April we fled from there. We kept traveling without knowing where we were going. While getting off from a train I fell down. I sprained my hand. I had a lot of pain but my sister told me not to cry or police will catch us.
We contacted UNHCR many times but they were not helping.

House owner attacked us
Few days back our house owner came to our room. He was drunk, he caught me and started kissing, he then caught my sister and was taking off her clothes my mom pulled my sister. We ran to the bathroom and got it locked. He was shouting that we have no passports and he will call the police.
After two days we left his house. Now we live somewhere else. We are hiding. We are very scared we are dying no one is helping us.


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Mullah Military Militants and Judiciary bleed us

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