Monday, July 30, 2012

Why Charlie Powell and Braden Powell had to die?

Why Charlie Powell and Braden Powell had to die?
By: Amala Khan

Charlie and Braden Powell were 2 cute kids who were killed by their own father Josh Powell. When Josh Powell was still a young boy he killed his own small sister. His mother was very disappointed but his wicked father said it is teen sport.

He had 2 sons Charlie and Braden Powell from his wife Susan Powell. Charlie was bigger than Braden. He killed his wife and took his children on a midnight camping and their perhaps he threw the body of the kids mother Susan Powell later he washed the sofa's I think there was blood on the sofa.
 Charlie had started saying to the people that mommy had gone with them but not returned. Barden drew a picture of 3 people in a van and someone asked him where is mommy and Barden replied that Mommy was in the trunk.
  Once Charlie said at Church that, his mother was dead.

Josh Powell was a mad person. He thought that his children were pointing towards him to be the killer. So he decided to kill them. The government allowed them to meet. According to their grandfather the kids didn't want to go to their father but were forced to go to their father's home.
They were accompanied by a lady caretaker but when they entered into the house their father closed the door on the woman and did not allow her to come in. The lady heard him saying Charlie I have a surprise for you. Then he started hitting the little sweet boys on their heads with an Axe. Later he set the house on fire.

  I am surprised that why the government allowed him to meet his children. They should have not let him meet his children and if it was necessary they should have let him meet his kids in a police station or in the court. There he won't be able to bring an axe to kill his children neither he could set the building on fire.

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