Monday, July 30, 2012

Why too many guns in America?

Why too many guns in America?
By: Amala Khan

On 20th of April 2012 was a horrible day because Colorado shooting took place at a movie house. There were 12 people dead and 59 injured.

One of the victim was a 6 years old girl Veronica Sullivan. Veronica's father, Ian Sullivan,said she is the last girl I will ever love but I want to tell him he should not stop loving little girls because we all love him and we share his sorrow. She recently started to learn swimming she was very excited about it. She loved to dress up read and was very good in her studies. She was quite excited about life. She was 6 years old girl. Veronica's mother had been shot in her neck and stomach. No One told her about the death of her daughter because it might worsen her own condition. Her condition was so bad that it was difficult for the doctors to tell her that her little girl was dead.

In a CNN program it was told that there are too many guns available in America out of every 100 people 87 people can have a gun and 50% of the guns of the whole wold are in America that makes life as horrible as in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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